Shanghai fex 2017, Quanzhou Southern Texmac Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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Lida: new Mustang and New Journey

Fate, I happen to have wine, you have a story.“Lida” of Singapore Private Co., Ltd., and “Mustang” of Nanyi Group of Hong Kong, China, played such a “legend”" in the field of knitting equipment.In March 2017, the two companies began to integrate,In June 2017, Lida took over the plant of Mustang. On September 2017, it successfully produced Mustang and Lida, with an estimated annual output of nearly 1,000 units.

At this exhibition, Knitting Industry reporter had the honor to interview Mr Pan Yao-quan, managing director of Singapore Lida Limited, who witnessed this legendGeneral Manager Pan introduced that the 4 types of models exhibited this year, including 2 Lida and 2 Mustang, are all best-selling models developed to adapt to market changes, and can significantly improve efficiency and quality for customers.

As the managing director of Singapore Lida Limited, Mr. Pan personally realized that the development and change of China has entered a new era.The "main battleground" of competition with the industry has shifted to the international market.Relatively speaking, "price war" will be less. People will pay more attention to quality and brand influence. "Lida" and "wild horse" can also balance quality and price while balancing international market and domestic market.Finally,Mr. Pan also analyzed the international market demand for knitting machinery, due to the impact of certain policies in India,its market has a downward trend;Bangladesh's market is more stable; Vietnam's market growth faster; Indonesia's market needs to grow.

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