Talent strategy
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We look for highly qualified technical staff from all around the world.

"The reason why rivers and seas can be kings of hundred valleys is to be the king of hundred valleys with their goodness." it was only with the eight directions and wisdom that it was like a thousand streams flowing into rivers and seas, with different backgrounds and different regions. Different levels of talent collide, merge, and sublimate on the grand stage. We want to do a great global undertaking, a hundred years of Nanzhou, that is, to absorb all kinds of talents without sticking to one pattern. For every talented person, we are just waiting for them.

"just use the eight sides, wisdom is a hundred rivers," not only reflected in our talent introduction, but also reflected in our cultivation and use of talent.

Performance is the only criterion to test talents.

We need to activate the potential of all kinds of talents, motivate talents with goals, test talents with performance, and truly achieve "Use the capable ones,replace the average ones,relief the incapable ones. ", which is to ensure the sustainable operation of enterprises. The cornerstone of sustainable development. The standard of performance is not inflexible. Yesterday''''''''s success does not represent today''''''''s success, nor does it foreshadow tomorrow''''''''s success. Nanzhou will always provide a wide range of development space for motivated employees.