Product Features
FRAME: The double knit transmission mechanism, which adopts a new patented technology designed by Wild Horse, ensures the upper and lower bed gears meet the strictest requirement of synchronization. The lower bed gear is soaked in the hydraulic oil and the upper gear is covered in non-drying grease. The upper and lower gears are made in a precisely coordinated process by our advanced CNC machining centre and gear hobbing machine. These highly precise transmission system is the pre-condition for knitting the high-end premium knitted fabrics for the fashion industry. The new concept eliminates the needs of the end-users in periodically re-check and re-tune the gearing system, improved the useful life of the wire race bearing and various ball bearings, besides prevents any oil leakage issue.
KNITTING: Our knitting cambox system adopts a total of six adjusting nuts design concept, i.e. two at the upper dial cambox and four at the lower cylinder cambox, to enable the knitting of more than 300 types of fabric construction with regular and irregular patterns. With the various cam designs for both interlock and rib based constructions, our machines could easily meet the wide ranging requirements in yarn characteristics, stitch length (loop length) and multiple yarns plaiting.
LIGHTING: With the well-designed positions of the energy-saving LED lighting and their cluster control switches, the machines are well illuminated at any particular angle in any demanding working environment, while still being able to be environmental friendly.

Product specification


· /inch
DL3056 30 14G - 28G 56
DL3084 30 18G - 28G 84
DL3360 33 14G - 28G 60
DL3368 33 14G - 28G 68
DL3390 33 18G - 28G 90
DL3460 34 14G - 28G 60
DL3490 34 18G - 28G 90
DL3868 38 14G - 28G 68
DL3876 38 14G - 28G 76