Product Features
FRAME: The single knit bed drive structure, which adopts an up-to-date patent technology of "Wild Horse" brand, ensures stable and quiet operation of the bed gear, with the bed gear soaked in gear oil. Both the bed gear and bed plate are made of premium casting with stress relief annealing. Hobbing and machining are all completed by the imported computer controlled numerical machines. The new structure greatly reduces friction in transmission. Users will not worry about replacing the wire race bearing and will avoid the trouble of oil leak. The unique double door structure is easy to operate and it enhances the strength of protective doors.
HEART: Single knit, fleece and terry velour machine are completely interchangeable. A machine can be used for multiple knit purposes by only exchanging the heart. With computer simulated single trigonometric curve, the up-to-date design of 3-thread fleece machine adopts the popular polyester-cotton plaiting concept, and it is interchangeable with a single knit model. This greatly reduces the cost of knitting operation. The new single knit technology of Wild Horse inherits the merits of the single knit jacquard technology, and the knitting techniques that caters to all segments of the market. Terry velour model adopts two-runway cam design. This terry velour machines meet demands of different fabric constructions.
YARN CARRIER: There are various different on-line and off-line yarn carrier designs that are applicable to different yarn materials and plaited fabric characteristics.
DUST REMOVAL: There is dual dust removal in the upper and middle sections; yarn will be protected from lint accumulation at the yarn feeding area to ensure smooth and clean knitting.

Product specification


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NS3090FNS3090NF 30 12G - 36G 3.0
NS34102FNS34102NF 34 12G - 36G 3.0
NS36108FNS36108NF 36 12G - 36G 3.0
NS38114FNS38114NF 38 12G - 36G 3.0
NS30120FNS30120NF 30 14G - 32G 4.0
NS34136NF 34 14G - 32G 4.0
NS38152NF 38 14G - 32G 4.0
SW3090NU 30 10G -28G 3.0