Product Features
FRAME: The new Y-frame for the machines with open-width take-up system, formed an integrated, heavy-duty support for the highly demanding precision knitting operation. Its unique design provides a wider space for the safe and easy doffing removal of the long fabric roll.
KNITTING: Equipped with the high precision Wild Horse designed cams to cater to various demanding fabric constructions, the machines can easily produce highly uniform fabrics with perfect plaiting. Various types of yarn material such as cotton, polyester, nylon, cotton-polyester blends, cellulosic fibers etc. can be knitted easily, with or without the spandex plaiting.
CLEANING & LUBRICATION: Equipped with various configurations of the top lint fans and bottom lint fans to prevent lint accumulation in any part of the machine, ensuring smooth knitting operation with high quality knitted fabric free from contamination.

Product specification

机 型
筒 径

針 距


路数 /inch
3DFG 三线卫衣
3-Thread fleece
24〞- 38〞 10G - 28G 3
3.2DF 三线卫衣
3-Thread fleece
24〞- 38〞 10G - 28G 3.2
3SK 单面汗布
3SK Single Jersey
24〞- 38〞 14G - 32G 3
3DF 三线卫
3-Thread fleece
24〞- 38〞 14G - 28G 3
1.5TR 天鹅絨毛圈 (反包)
1.5TR Terry Plush
24〞- 38〞 14G - 28G 1.5
2TR 双面絨毛圈(正包)
2TR Polar fleece
24〞- 38〞 14G - 28G 2
2SK 单面汗布
2SK Single Jersey
24〞- 38〞 14G - 36G 2
4SK 单面汗布
4SK Single Jersey
24〞- 38〞 20G - 32G 4