Southern Texmac Limited, is a joint venture operation between two prominent brands, Unitex and Wild Horse. Forming a new alliance between United Texmac Pte Ltd of Singapore and South Asia Group in Hong Kong. The partnership has one mission in mind, to be one of the leading Circular Knitting Machines manufacturer globally, by providing "Values beyond our customer expectationsí▒.

Located in Fujian province Quan Zhou City, the fully integrated manufacturing facilities has a floor area spanning more than 60,000 square meters. The manufacturing facilities produces all high precision parts internally, employing some of the most well-known machining centre such as CNC milling centre from Japan for cam productions, 12 station CNC machining centres from Taiwan, Shimadzu ultra-vacuum system for surface and heat treatment of precision parts. More than 200 manufacturing capital assets were employed to ensure the knitting machines components are produce in the highest quality. To harness a sustainable and efficient production processes, plan was in the pipeline to continuously upgrade our capital assets. With these capabilities, more than 1800 machines can be produced annually.

Employing more than 300 well trained staff combined, the organization prioritize our human assets as the most essential element to drive a successful culture and products to serve the global markets. Knitting machine, as a highly technical product, knowledge base technology is very critical to ensure continuity in our product research and development. More than 80% of our workforce has been contributing their efforts to the organization for more than 15 years, thus enable the technicality of the products to be reengineered or developed to meet the dynamic changes demanded by our valued customers. Systematically, the organization is seeking innovative ideas and knowledge by engaging and implementing modern technologies by working with renowned institutions worldwide to elevate our internal capabilities.

Moving forward, the organization has set forth a new vision to harness the working relationship with our valued customers. The industry today has seen a major and rapid transformation in the demand pattern. The management has envisaged the need to create a true and realistic partnership between the organization and the customer. Besides creating product confidence and a proactive service support approach, the management is continuously seeking new strategic approaches to provide an integrated solution to whatever the customer demand. With that, our customers can meet the challenges and will be better positioned to compete more effectively and efficiently in the global market. The management, over the past three decades have inculcate one basic but most important ethos within the organization, that is, our existence and purpose is closely knitted with our valued customer.